If you're built like us—lean and mean with long arms and torsos—your story is our story.

After wasting thousands of dollars over the years on ill fitting t-shirts, sweaters and jackets, we finally said enough is enough. If we can't find quality apparel for lanky guys like us, we'll make it ourselves.

Enter: Lanky Llama®.



Our shirts are an 'athletic' fit with extra length on the sleeves and torso. They're the perfect fit for long lean, or tall slim men.


We worship quality — our fabrics are super soft, smooth, and built to last. We only use the best fabrics on the planet and we refuse to settle.


We use the same fabrics and manufacturing as expensive luxury brands. But by cutting the high overhead, we deliver luxury quality at a fraction of the price.

"All-time Favorite Tees! Great fit, feel and quality! Thanks LL for the consistent quality."
— Miles D.
"Tall, slim and happy! High quality materials and workmanship. Finally a t-shirt that I love!"
— J. Wolter
"Awesome fit! best fitting shirt for tall skinny guys like me that I've ever found."
— Kevin Z.
"These t-shirts have been perfect for me."
— D.W.C.
"These were a special request from my son that is a T shirt snob. He loves these and only wants these."
— Susan
"Best fitting shirt I've ever found. The material is also very soft and comfortable."
— A.T.G.
"Could not be happier with how it fits. This feels like it was tailor made for me. Oh, and It looks nice too!"
— Kanchana
"Great quality. Excellent fit.... I'm 6'4" and 195lbs. I love the way the sleeves fit."
— Mike
"Well made good looking shirts Great fit. Well made, sharp t-shirts!"
— Joel
"Best Shirt Ever."
— Arden S.
"Great fit finally! Fabric is super soft. Highly recommend."
— C.L.H.
"The only shirt I ever bought that fit right out of the package. Very stylish."
— Jack
"My new favorite T-Shirt! I have no idea what they do to the cotton for these shirts, but it is heavenly comfortable; like silk."
— AJ
"Excellent fit, and the extra length is perfect for taller people. Great feeling and great looking t-shirt."
— Jeff
"Perfect fit, great material. fits better than any T-shirt I've bought in a long time."
— D.Z.
— N.O.
"Exactly as advertised. Great shirt for tall athletic or slim guys."
— Patrick P.
"Love the merch! Perfect for the tall slim man!"
— D.
"Perfect for tall and thin people. With this shirt my problem was solved."
— John M.
"I was already impressed by the quality of their shirts, now I must admit I'm blown away by their prompt and efficient customer service."
— A.C.
"Great products for the tall crowd! Definitely would recommend to others."
— Spencer
"I’m 6’5” 215 lbs and had a very hard time finding t-shirts with a slim fit and high-quality construction; these are perfect... ordered 5 more."
— M.G.
"Fits like a m*** f*** charm."
— Emmanuel


We believe in the simple notion that if we do right by you, you’ll keep coming back. That means high quality products at fair and affordable prices, and a customer first approach to the way we do business.

You won't see the frilly marketing campaigns and high markups of other clothing brands. 

Instead, we've chosen to stay lean and mean, enabling us to provide you with luxury brand quality at a fraction of the price.

Call us old fashioned, but to us, anything else just wouldn’t fit.