Why Lanky Llama?

Lanky Llama is the world's first and only clothing company exclusively for lanky guys. As lanky guys with long arms and lean athletic builds ourselves, we struggled for years and wasted thousands of dollars on T-shirts and shirts that simply did not fit. T-shirts that were long enough on the arms and torso were always too wide. And shirts that were slim enough were too short on the sleeves and torso. In short, we were tired of choosing between looking like we were wearing our kid brother's t-shirt, or one made for Lavar Ball.

So we finally said enough is enough, and created Lanky Llama. 

Lanky Llama was made for us, it was made for you, and it was made for all the other lanky guys out there who've suffered the humiliation of wearing ill-fitting clothing. No more, my friends, no more. Your new go-to outfitter has arrived. Shop now for clothing designed exclusively for you.

Looks great! Where can I buy Lanky Llama shirts?

We’re currently selling exclusively through our Amazon Store. Check out of all our current offerings here.

We hope you love them as much as we do. And please let us know what you think with a review or an email. Positive reviews help us grow and enable us to expand our offerings. Happy shopping!

Will a Lanky Llama T-shirt fit me?

The Lanky Llama fit is the perfect fit for lean guys with long arms and torsos. If you'd describe your build as long and lean, tall and slim, lanky, lean, gangly, or athletic, welcome home. Lanky Llama was made for you.

We've created a useful sizing guide to help you find the perfect size.

How does a Lanky Llama T-shirt fit?

Lanky Llama t-shirts are designed as an 'athletic' fit (slim, but not too tight) with a little extra length on the sleeves and torso.  For an even slimmer fit, we've designed our shirts so that if you size down, it should still be long enough on the torso and sleeves. The sleeves are designed to reach the middle of the bicep on long arms. The waistline settles a couple of inches below the waist on long lean men. Bottom line, if you’re long and lean like us, a Lanky Llama shirt will feel like it was custom made for you… because it was.

Check out our Lanky Llama sizing guide to find your perfect size.

Do Lanky Llama shirts shrink?

We understand the frustration of buying shirts that fit when you buy them, but don't after you wash them. That's why all Lanky Llama shirts are pre-shrunk. However, you should still expect to see a minor amount of shrinkage of approximately 1/4 of a size. For best results, be sure to follow the care instructions included on the inside label.

Are these "tall tees"?

No, not really. From our experience, t-shirts out there labeled as "tall tees" are either (a) the baggy hip-hop style from 2005 that reach your knees, or (b) more of a "big and tall" option for abnormally large guys. The "tall" tees out there simply are not made for lanky guys like us.  Lanky Llama shirts are different. 

Our t-shirts are designed exclusively for guys with lanky, lean, or athletic builds with long arms and torsos, not "big and tall" fellows. But if you are a tall guy and are slim or athletically built, you're in the right place. Check out our sizing guide to find your perfect size.

I want to buy more colors and styles. Why isn't there a bigger selection?

We’re just getting started, and we want to make sure that each product we come out is perfect for you. With this in mind, we've opted to take it one piece at a time to ensure the highest quality possible, and to get feedback from you guys, our customers. But fear not, we’ll be coming out with some cool new designs and colors soon! Sign up for our newsletter in the footer to stay up to date on all our latest offerings. And in the mean time, be sure to stock up your wardrobe with our collection!

Where are Lanky Llama clothes made?

We design each Lanky Llama piece right here in Austin, Texas. Our clothing is then crafted with care globally. We currently partner with truly awesome manufacturers in Peru and China. Our aim is to always provide you with the highest quality possible in a responsible manner. There’s always a quicker way or cheaper way. At Lanky Llama, we’re only interested in the right way. 

What is your return policy?
Here at Lanky Llama, we aim to please. The way we see it, keeping you happy is just plain old good business. We take great pride in our work. This means every Lanky Llama product has been meticulously designed and crafted with care and precision. But if for any reason we missed the mark and you're not fully satisfied, let us know. You can return any item within 30 days of purchase, and we'll send you a full refund (not including shipping). Just send us an email, and we'll make it right.