At Lanky Llama, we worship quality. That means our fabrics are super soft and smooth, will never pill, and are built to last. We only use the best quality fabrics on the planet, and we refuse to settle.

Our Lanky Llama Peruvian Pima Tee is made from 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton, known as the highest quality cotton in the world. We source from the same fabric suppliers as expensive “luxury” brands you’ve probably heard of that sell for three or four times our prices. But by cutting out the huge overhead and frilly marketing campaigns of other brands, we're able to deliver you the same high–end quality at a fraction of the price.

Our Lanky Llama Legend Tee is made from super soft 100% Pima Cotton with an enzyme wash for even more softness and comfort. The result is a timeless look and feel, which, we dare say, is legendary.