For too long, we had to settle for t-shirts that simply didn't fit us. Shirts that were long enough were too wide. And shirts that were slim enough were bound to come up short. Put another way, we were tired of having to choose between looking like we were wearing our kid brother's t-shirt, or one made for Lavar Ball.

So, we finally said enough is enough...

The Lanky Llama fit is the perfect fit for lean guys with long arms and torsos. It's an 'athletic' fit—slim, but not too tight—with a little extra length on the sleeves  and torso. 

The sleeves are designed to reach the middle of the biceps on long arms.

The waistline settles slightly below the hips on long, lean men. 

If you’re long and lean like us, it will feel like it was custom made for you… because it was.

Check out our Lanky Llama sizing guide to find your perfect size. Or shop now to get your new favorite t-shirt today.