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If you're built like us—lean and mean with long arms and torsos—your story is our story.

After wasting thousands of dollars over the years on ill fitting t-shirts, sweaters and jackets, we finally said enough is enough. If we can't find quality apparel for lanky guys like us, we'll make it ourselves.

Enter: Lanky Llama®.

Based in Austin, Texas, we launched Lanky Llama with a simple goal: let’s create high quality apparel that actually fits long, lean guys like us. 

After many months of obsessively designing and perfecting the ultimate apparel for lanky guys, we are finally ready to introduce our babies to the world.

We're starting out with crew neck and v-neck t-shirts which, we must say, are truly great. The fit is perfectly tailored for long, lean, or athletic guys. The fabrics we use are the best on the planet—super soft, smooth, and built to last. And by cutting out the high overhead and frilly marketing associated with luxury brands, we're able to deliver superior value at fair and affordable prices.

Put simply, you're gonna love 'em.

To all the thin, slim, gangly, tallish, athletic, long–armed misfits who have fallen through the cracks, your new go-to outfitter is here. 

We're just getting started, which means we’ll be coming out with some killer new pieces to add to the collection soon ( us, you won't want to miss 'em). To stay up to date on all the latest offerings and specials, sign up for our newsletter. (Don’t worry, only good stuff!)

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Your new favorite t-shirt awaits!